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brake force sensors

Custom sensors for force measurements in the brake system of railway vehicles (i.e., for tread/block brakes, disc brakes, ...)

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Innovative force sensors in standardized design, with customer-specific adaptations or complete new developments

PRODAT Bremskraftsensor für Klotzbremsen PRODAT Bremskraftsensor für Scheibenbremsen (Radbremsscheiben, Wellenbremsscheiben)


PRODAT BKM Beispiel SensorFor measurements and tests of rail vehicle train brakes specialized force sensors are a frequently used tool. These allow immediate conclusions about achievable braking forces. An individual test of the actuators for force generation should be carried out. The brake system pressure influence should be examined. PRODAT offers a comprehensive portfolio of force sensors, with which effective forces in the braking system of the rail vehicle can be detected easily. Two typical sensor classes can be distinguished: the wear body (block, pad) replacing sensor variants (= replacing) and insertable slide-in variants which are placed between the wheel and the wear body (block, pad). The PRODAT offers sensor variants in all classes. In addition, sensors are available with a variety of output signals (= communication interfaces) either with digital or analog output signals. In general, a distinction can be made between: force sensors with wireless communication ("wireless", various frequency bands typ. ISM with adjustable range) and force sensors with cable based communication ("cable" both analogue and digital output signals). Different options for energy supply are available.

Sensor variants PRODAT offers:

  • PRODAT BKM-S-G1 replacing sensor for disc brakes
  • PRODAT BKM-SF-G1 replacing sensor for disc brakes with reduced height
  • PRODAT BKM-SX-G1 replacing sensor for disc brakes with strongly reduced height
  • PRODAT BKM-K-G1 slide-in sensor for block/tread brakes with measurement wings
  • PRODAT BKM-K-G2 slide-in sensor for block/tread brakes in full block setup
  • PRODAT BKM-KR-G0 replacing sensor for block/tread brakes
  • PRODAT BKM-KR-G1 replacing sensor for block/tread brakes
  • specific variantions

The typical force measurement is up to 50kN, also 60kN and higher values are possible

Possibilities for a customer

  • buying of new sensors
  • buying of used sensors (refurnished, depends on availability)
  • renting of sensors
  • buying sensors in OEM form for example for an integration into existing measurement & test system solutions

Application specific developments

Recurring customer-specific developments of force sensors take place, for example, with varied dimensions, special functions, additional parts or force measuring ranges.


  • brake force sensor and sensors
  • disc brakes, block/tread brakes
  • slide-in and replacing variants



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