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By PRODATs many individual projects there was the necessity of own hardware and electronic solutions. PRODAT also offers the service for its existing and potential new customers first of all in the development of new systems but also when existing plants need a retrofitting.

sensors and force transducers

Readjusted sensorics for use in individual solution is an example for PRODATs competence. In this way more efficient and faster systems are possible.

microcontroller based solutions

If there is no need or no space for industrial pcs, PRODAT also offers microcontroller based solutions. An example is PRODATs brake force system (wireless solution). A full grown wireless sensor network based on microcontroller for control and measurement and transceiver for communication can be found inside, equipped with long lasting batteries, in this way evading the need of wires for communication and energy.


measurement systen - base station example of an electronic component




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