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PRODATs bogie measurement and testing plant services

complete or partial reconstruction (upgrades) or updates of existing facilities

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modernizing existing plants - an economic solution

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PRODAT bogie test plant retrofitting exampleIn many places bogie test facilities exist for many years. But through increasing mechanization, regulations or changing fields of activities it becomes necessary to change or extend existing installations. Another possible customer motivation is a change of the business activity fields of the original system manufacturer. Since an investment into a new facility is not always possible, thinking of alternatively modernizing existing plants is a very good solution. PRODAT offers multivendor capability and customer-specific solutions in order to fulfill your needs!


  • modernize existing facilities so that they are up-to-date again
  • save money and time by retrofitting instead of spending money for a new facility
  • unitized setup change (load measurement, geometric measurement unit, pressure unit etc.)
  • repair and service


  • electronics and control
  • measurement computer
  • geometric measurement unit (for example laser-optical measuring unit)
  • additional sensors
  • evaluation unit
  • enhancement of existing facilities
  • complete steel construction and plant building
  • transport and transfer
  • force measurement
  • changing of track gages
  • metering range expansion
  • geometric measurement unit




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