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railcar body corner load measurement systems (mobile/stationary) for DIN 25043 based measurements and beyond

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A brief application overview

The corner load measurement system PRODAT EKM is specifically designed to determine railcar body loads and dependent quantities (i.e., the center of gravity) of interest. Corner load measurements are an important and necessary procedure when checking newly manufactured rail cars (with the focus being set on the railcar body) or after mainteinance and retrofitting works (especially after bogie retroffiting). This not only helps ensuring derailment safety but if carried out properly can also increase required maintenance intervals. Commonly measurements are carried out in accordance to the requirements and specifications in German DIN 25043 'Railway applications - Measuring of new railway vehicles' currently consisting of eight sub specifications. Of special relevance are hereby specifications 4: 'Measurement and calculation of static loads effective at the interface between body and running gear' and 5: 'Measuring methods at chassis for bogies of running gears'. In addition, customer specific measurement procedures can be easily satisfied. One of the measurement tasks PPRODATs corner load measurement system EKM satisfies is the adjustment of a car body in order to realize a mechanically tension free position by using four precise and accurate load sensors at each of the corners of the rail car body. For this purpose at least four sensors can be height adjusted to touch the car body and then the software together with the precision lifting gear is controlling the height and displacement of each sensor until the correct force and tension free position is reached. Once this position is reached, it is possible to measure geometric quantities i.e., the chassis dimensions of interest. Further quantities, as specified in DIN 25043, are deduced, visualized, recorded, stored and reported with the system.

Typical advantages

  • reliable, durable, and long living construction
  • easy to install
  • stationary and mobile variant available
  • compatible for a combination with positioning trestles and lifting blocks
  • comparatively easy installation and quick setup
  • reduced maintenance
  • modularized construction approach
  • cost effective measurement system in comparison
  • a large number of system extension options available (details upon request)
  • mobile variant: especially suitable for small mounting spaces
  • mobile variant: especially suitable for an enhancement/upgrade of existing systems
  • system extensions are obtainable upon request, i.e., geometric measurement unit (distance)

Obtainable system configurations

  • PRODAT EKM stationary
    PRODATs stationary corner load measurement system, permanently installed, i.e., in the workshop.
  • PRODAT EKM mobile
    PRODATs mobile corner load measurement system typically consisting of four height adjustable measurement points; easy and quick to install, since it requires a minimum constructional effort. The system is also used when carrying out corner load PRODATs (and) corner load measurement services for our customers.

Functional principle

The measurement system PRODAT EKM mobile permits measurement of railway vehicle car body corner loads (forces respectively) for new vehicles or after heavy maintenance. A system user is able to perform measurements in accordance to DIN 25403 which is applicable to passenger carriages, railcars, locomotives and other railway vehicles. PRODATs mobile system variant fulfills the market requirement for a comparatively inexpensive solution to the given measurement task, in comparison to permanently installed heavy test rigs. Nevertheless if required by a customer, the system can also be installed on stationary trestles. The measurement system basis are at least four precise and accurate force sensors, with which car body corner loads (forces respectively) can be measured. Using the system a mechanically tension free position of the car body can be reached. Hereby a height adjustment of the four car body corners is carried out until the required force balance is reached and the car body positioning is finalized. Acting corner loads are determined using force transducers. In addition to measured forces, PRODATs delivered software permits the input of geometric, as well as customer specific measurements quantities and side information. In typical applications, nowadays customers prefer the wireless variant, it consists of the load sensors, adjustment plates, height changers, a gateway station for data collection from sensors and delivery to a measurement PC (provided with the system or provided by the customer). The software provides measurement procedures and protocols according to the standard DIN 25043. Acquired are corner forces and mass center positions, the total car body weight, load and force distribution in:

  • tension free minimized position and/or
  • reference position

If not available at the customer side geometric measurement system support can be provided by PRODAT (i.e., for system leveling).


PRODATs measurement system EKM is the newest extension to the range of railway technology measurement systems, due to its novelty application examples are available upon request.


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