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conveyer belt scales - product overview

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Conveyer belt scales PRODAT BW, operated in several brown coal opencast mining facilities throughout Germany, can be installed at any position in horizontal and sloping conveyer belts in addition to a modernization of existing facilities possible.

The advantages of the belt scales PRODAT BW are their simple construction and easy installation possibilities. The system is very robust and has no parts that can wear out. Therefore, maintenance work is reduced to visual and checking controls.

PRODAT BW system installed as early as in 1986, have been and still are working without any mayor breakdown. All offered scales are also always equipped with the newest measurement evaluation hardware.

function and measurement method

PRODAT BW system determines mass-forces with special transverse force sensors, which number depends on the installed scale type and can range between two and four load cells measuring the mass stream.
The constructive integration is individually adapted to every conveyer belt. The most important criteria, regarding conveyers with garlands and fixed bear roller frames, is a simple and maintenance reduced conveyer belt scale construction.

PRODAT BW types depend on their intended application field.


PRODAT BW types depend on their intended application field. The first type is especially intended for monitoring and measurement tasks with normal exactness:

  • One roll conveyer belt scales: measuring with two sensors on a relatively short measurement track
  • Two roll conveyer belt scales: measuring on two garlands with four sensors

For measurement tasks demanding high exactness PRODAT provides the following solution:

  • Scaffold field conveyer belt scales: measuring (section up to 6 m) with four transversal force sensors on which a field with several garlands rests


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