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PRODAT stands at the center of research and development and always supports the young talents. Therefore, general applications are always welcome. To join our team, all currently available vacancies are listed below:


PRODAT also offers an internship position. Applicants who have decided to attend a trainee program in a high school or in a university, they can apply for an internship with us at any time, as well as all technical fields of study. In cooperation with the prospective trainees, a possible project could be done. If you choose a regular trainee program or you want to complete an internship for the school, just apply yourself in the right time (i.e., 12 months before the start of the school).In any case, you should have a high interest in technical and be prepared to independently acquire unfamiliar issues and solve the problems you have been asked.

Old Generation?

Do you think, you are “old”? “retirement” is the only choice now? Not with us! Constantly looking for competent employees so you can be the right one. Just send us your qualifications, previous projects and your areas of interest. Since PRODAT is constantly working on a variety of tasks, freelancers with experience in the following areas (one or more areas) are always welcome:

  • Programming: Python, Alaska XBase++, C/C++/C#, Java
  • Mechanics construction, Conception and design of systems and test equipment
  • Electronics and hardware design: Analog and digital circuit design

Available positions / example positions

Submission of application in digital form is preferred. If you want to work in our company (I think more common is: join our team), please send your application to: PRODAT will contact you as soon as possible.

Available positions:


We always looking for freelancers for our project-related tasks. Those who can deal with the following areas.

  • Development of mechanical constructions, e.g. of test stands, measuring equipment, etc.
  • electronics design
  • Programming in the areas C/C++, Xbase++, Java
  • Webpage Design, server-side programming (HTML/CSS, PHP,...)

Graduate in the sciences preferably electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics or physics

We are looking for a graduate in the natural sciences, preferably electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics or physics for the realization of project-related, independent work, with the task fields

  • 2D laser profile measurement
  • Image recognition, image processing and feature extraction
  • Construction and construction design
  • Programming in C/C++
  • Patent and utility model research
  • literature searches

for automation technology and rail transport. The future employee is granted the greatest possible freedom in the design of the own procedure and the execution of the task. Regular support and agreement of Stepstones ensures results-oriented work. The applicate should have maximal motivation and a high ability of self-organization, as well as the will to familiarize themselves with unknown issues and documentation of results.

IT management assistant

The PRODAT offers an apprenticeship to become an information technology officer. requirements for applying are a successfully completed school leaving certificate (preferably a high school diploma), good grades in German language and literature and a keen interest in scientific and mathematical topics. Furthermore, applicants should have a good educational background and good command of English.

IT Specialist

The PRODAT offers an apprenticeship to become an IT specialists. Requirements for a successful application are in turn a successful school leaving certificate (preferably a high school diploma), good grades in German language as well as mathematical and natural science subjects, as well as convincing knowledge of the English language.


With proven experience in SPS-programming as well as knowledge in the machine-oriented programming of microcomputers. Applicants should be able to realize projects independently.




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